“Like so many others, I have continuously struggled with time management in various ways. Initially, I was hesitant to begin the time management coaching process, but after a few months my self-awareness of my own habits and practices was vastly improved, and I quickly found I was implementing efficiency and organizational techniques learned in the coaching sessions.

“I spent less time dealing with interruptions, distractions, looking for things or trying to retrace my steps, and more time focusing on more productive, billable work each day. I got pulled into less fire drills because I strived to get ahead of the game, instead of always living in a reactive mode. My tendency to procrastinate also diminished over time because I had a realistic workable plan in place each day and was motivated to get through it successfully.

“What I learned ultimately gave me the ability to capture more productive time in each workday, and my annual production improved by over 25% from the previous year. My family noticed a difference too – a lot less ‘Dad’s late for dinner again!’”

–Indianapolis Area Attorney, 2015

Caught in an exhausting cycle of fire-fighting each day at work?

Consider the following:

“20% of the average workday is spent on ‘important’ or ‘crucial’ tasks, whereas 80% of the average work shift is spent on ‘trivial’ tasks with little to no value.” – Dr. Donald E. Wetmore – Productivity Institute

“The average person is allotted 11 minutes between each interruption, while it takes an average of 25 minutes to return to the original task after each interruption.” – The New York Times

“The average person spends a total of 13 hours (28% of the workweek) on reading, deleting, sorting, and sending emails.” – McKinsey Global Institute

Time is an expensive commodity. Poor time management can cost professionals heavily in terms of inefficient workflow, unattainable deadlines, and poor work quality. A time management coach can alleviate your stress by teaching you how to prioritize your workload, postpone unnecessary distractions, and create a productive environment. Chris  provides her clients with custom-tailored strategies for recovery and long-term success.

The coaching work starts with:

  • An initial assessment of your individual needs, concerns, likes and dislikes,
  • A thorough analysis of the root of the problem, and
  • A customized plan for success that fits your needs and budget.

Sessions with clients may include:

  • Individual in-person conversations,
  • Telephone sessions,
  • Conversations with other team members to get external feedback on a client’s performance,
  • Assigned readings and other “homework” outside of regular sessions,
  • Self-assessment and self-monitoring tools, and
  • “Mediated” group conversations/training sessions with team members.

Chris offers personalized and judgment-free coaching that is strategically designed to fit clients’ needs and create real bottom-line results. Chris’ “teacher” coaching style gives her clients the support and attention they need to change habits for long-term success at time management.

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