Do you long for the day when you can finally spend time in an organized, beautiful home environment free of clutter and chaos? Are you weary of frantic last-minute searches for everything you need to take with you out the door? Ready to finally clear the decks, once and for all? Let me help you find your unique path to order and calm.

desk-organized-11Our work will start with a detailed  assessment of your current space; then together we will create a workable plan to take you all the way to your dream outcome — with the timeline and budget that works best for you. Some clients make great progress with regularly scheduled organizing work sessions over time; others need the push of a marathon Saturday session (or two!) to achieve their goals. And some clients are able to complete their projects independently after an organizer gives them a road map and gets them started on their way.

The initial assessment in your home takes an hour and a half, and the fee is $175.00; with this service, you will receive a written plan detailing my recommendations for organizing your space. The cost for hourly organizing services ranges between $55-100 depending upon the nature of your project.

Ready to learn more and ask a few questions? Please call me at 317.250.3164.

Here’s what a few former clients had to say:

“Chris imposed order on chaos and gave me a new organization system in both my home office and my garage.”


“Her assistance goes beyond the obvious and gets at why I’ve kept the clutter in the first place.”

“Great suggestions and a great sense for practical and useful ways to get things organized . . . wastes no time; really worth the money!”

Chris is a professionally-trained organizer and coach; over the past decade, she has worked with a lovely and diverse group of residential clients ranging from single urban professionals seeking to create an optimal environment to expanding suburban families wanting to make the most of their space to downsizing seniors embracing simplicity and peace. Each client’s home environment tells a story, and it is always a privilege to hear those stories and play a small role in them.

Let us help you make peace with your work, your schedule and your life.

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